Mai Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga Guitar Lesson

Mai Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga Guitar Lesson

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Thank you..
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  1. aap plz galway girl ka tutorial banao na plz divide album ka hai

  2. hari preetham divvili

    play deapacitp

  3. sir thank you for the beautiful song again you are helping me very much to learn guitar and my wish is to play chura liya so pleese pleaseeeee make that one for me 😉

  4. sir please make a tutorial on how to strum without a pick,!

  5. apka beginners lesson 8 kab aayega


    sir mere ek channel hai so plzz ap apne video ke sat mera video tags kigye na
    plz plz

  7. sir pzz do a tutorial on gratitude by ameen toofani pzzz ,its a humble request

  8. hey when you were showing the cords bit by bit, the first para goes like C Am F G , but when you started playing, you played Am C G F .. which is right?

  9. gazaB

  10. seriously a great fan. but got some what disappointed

  11. gud job bro

  12. HimanshU MisHra

    bro am cord kha p hai

  13. nice song

  14. amazing

  15. Kartik Nampalliwar

    your voice is so good

  16. sir please sing mera Mann kehenelaga….song

  17. Deepak Baliyan

    arry Bhai pattern incorrect h

  18. it doesn't sound good without capo so @acoustic pahadi plzz use capo

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