Major Pentatonic Scale for Bass – An Overlooked “Secret”?

Major Pentatonic Scale for Bass - An Overlooked

From a lesson on how to play and use the Major Pentatonic Scale on bass guitar.
See and hear how you can get the sweet sound of the major pentatonic scale – as used on countless recordings. Amateur musicians often overlook this scale. But it is used extensively by professional musicians.
Band-in-a-Box from is used as the backing track.
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  1. thank you very much i enjoyed and learned a lot from this lesson remain ,so long live!!!!!

  2. Genius, my man. It also gives you the 9th when starting on the 3rd string.

  3. thanks ,,,God bls

  4. elliott shapiro

    great lesson, thanks, I am a beginner. I have a question. can I just play this f major pentatonic scale over an entire song in f major with all the chord changes that come?

  5. Wonderful. Thank you so much.

  6. This is the face behind the man who writes hateful things on California sites? Sad.

  7. SarahnCarey vose

    Hi what is the name of the track that you have used in the above video

  8. why not play F G then (open A) C (open D) F position?

  9. That's definitely the single best shape for that scale. As your playing makes clear, it leads to very nice slides and hammer ons/pull offs (1-2 / 2-3 /5-6 / 7-9) that you don't get with the other shape. Another good shape (for similar reasons) is the relative pentagon minor. i.e. you can play the d minor pentatonic scale which uses the same notes as f major pentatonic. Not quite as convenient but it also leads to nice sounds you don't get with the first shape you showed.

  10. Correct you are! Thanks for the post!

  11. u r awesome u made it so simple

  12. Samuel Sumpter

    I love how your face lights up with a wry smile when you start playing with the 'band-in-a-box'. It's obvious you get the same feeling most of us do when we play. My bass to me is pure joy especially when in synchronic groove with other players. Even a 'band-in-a-box'. Thanks for the tips.

  13. Ah,…A Real Bassist Teaching Real Bass!

  14. D. Preston Peek

    What bass is that? I love the fretboard wood pattern.

  15. Alexander opoku

    simple to understand.thanks alot please do you have videos on music hear

  16. thank you very much sir!. easy to understand and very accommodating, i'm a new bass player and i'm looking a teacher like you, appreciate your help.  

    God Blessed you and your family.

  17. really good job, very easy to understand and very comfortable, thanks 1000

  18. thank you

  19. really worthy lesson for me, thanks for sharing

  20. Shadow_regalia

    Great video! I have a question though. Does this for for every major scale or just F major? Sorry, I'm really new to this and this seems fun and I want to try it.

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