Major Scale For Bass Guitar

This is a simple bass lesson on the Major Scale for beginners. I’ll be working through a basic fingering for a C Major Scale, then showing you how to move that shape around the neck.

Major Scales are one of the fundamental elements of music and are essential in understanding the most basic aspects of music theory.

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  1. Ricardo Carrillo

    You are a great teacher! Sir after learning about major scales what can i learn next? Please email me! Thanks in advance!

  2. So was that Alfie bit a little homage to the late great Jaco Pastorius? Seems to me I remember him using that same bit as an example of melody on his instructional video way back when.

  3. Thanks!!!

  4. As a drummer I have found that learning the bass made my drumming more intense, vicious and slick yet controlled and knowing more where I need to be from knowing exactly where my bassist is. I now learn every song on drums and bass to ensure the bass and I are so locked in. Made my playing more real. I must say thank you, your lessons are hitting more than then the bass world. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO. IT IS SO APPRECIATED!!!!

  5. It helps a lot thank you

  6. 베러머 / J_caleB

    Great lesson!! thank you teacher!~

  7. I always get that zapping sound whenever I play a note in the major scales and it always annoy me. I rarely get a petfect sounding major scale run-off. Most times it zaps and causes those bad sounds.

  8. Thank you so much… This video has been such a blessing! I learned how to play about 8 years ago and have not picked it up since… I needed a refresher… or better yet a beginners course to relearn the bass…. May God bless you greatly…

  9. Beautifully taught I'm joining. I'm on Scotts school, jam play, and creative bass but all make it more complicated than this chap. Simplify for The beginners. Otherwise we are stuck as beginners and cheat to learn a few robotic songs that ultimately keep one stifled. Thanks.

  10. Nice Job on the Tutorial

  11. What about that pick ups?

  12. Great teacher!

  13. Very clear and instructive.

  14. Excellent presentation Mark Thank you

  15. Great video!

  16. Great lesson, I'd love more beginner/basic stuff.

  17. Mark, I just wish to say thank you for this and all your other lessons they are helping myself and many others immensely, you're a true gentleman, thank you.

  18. hey mark love your videos! could you please do a video on modes? specifically on how to use it in a song or a solo

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