Major Scale In 3rds – A Melodic Approach To Scale Practice Guitar Lesson

TAB and GPX File:
In this lesson wecheck out how to play The Major Scale using 3rds, which are the building blocks of chords and are a very melodic approach to scale practice!

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  1. hi justin- when is the second part of this video coming out? on the other patterns?

  2. Is this an exercise I should practice speeding up until I can play 'X' number bpm or is this more for developing a better sense of melody?

  3. Thank you Justin , i will practice on this ,

  4. Hi Justin! Is this scale in CAGED system?

  5. I was taught to learn this but never explained why. Now I know, thanks Justin, you're awesome!

  6. It's a good tool to learn chords from other scales. too It's the same simple concept/principlesIt' just 2 notes…How you do think I;ve learn and retain chords from other scales??
    I keep it really simple even thou i know the 63 modes from the 9 parallel scales.

  7. Good stuff…Great for building dexterity at higher speeds… 6th's is a good one too…

  8. PDF TAB and GPX (Guitar pro) files now available one the website!

  9. My teacher had me doing these when I was 16 in 1985. Still practice them to this day. All positions of course.

  10. Hi Justin, BS-921 links me to Always on my Mind – Elvis, is the wrong ID?

  11. amazing Justine 🙂

  12. Hey Justin, have you considered doing any old arctic monkeys, songs or maybe some songs by the strokes or franz ferdinand? And thanks for your lesson, I wouldn't be playing guitar without you.

  13. Cool. I liked it when you were showing Captain Lee. Glad u did a video on it.

  14. How much coffee have you been drinking J Your talking super fast in this lesson. (haha)
    If you get a chance, I know your super busy but check this old guy out, it is a good fingerpick style I think you would like it.
    Thanks for the lesson Justin. Are you making Captain Lee do this scale ?  You should.

  15. Justin is immortal

  16. Flashback to the cap10 and his struggle. Thx for all the lessons!!!

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