Making Country Walking Bass Guitar Lessons LOOK BETTER By Scott Grove

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  1. Just kidding

  2. Meatloaf teaches bass!

  3. I just found you and learned so much in this video 🙂 . you are awesome bro .. thank you for your videos and i have prob a silly question why is it there is so much metal tabs out there but i cant find hardly nothing for country music or western swing swing style is my favorite but hard to find   ? i am trying to play by ear it works for the most part but some songs its hard to pick out what notes .

  4. Excellent video just like the other ones you did!
    Thank you Thank you

  5. Must see mega rare yellow Fender Bass video, non-custom shop!


  6. Groovy Music Lessons

    LOL, thanks much my friend!

  7. Scott grove making country cool again. Good lesson

  8. You are a top bloke (Scottish for cool dude). I know you don't like specific songs or bands so I am just asking for the style of fast modern metal or even death metal, I don't get how they play so fast. I really want to thrash out to Slayer and the likes but end up losing the will to live when I try to play this stuff, I know it's not everybody's cup of tea but I can't be the only one who is finding it hard to play fast bass and guitar licks and riffs. Keep well man and thanks for all your vids.

  9. This inspired me to dust off my bass and do some learning for a change. I am a guitar player and bass usually bores me but this was cool. Can you do a blues lesson in the style of stevieray and perhaps a metal lesson in the style of Slipknot. I would love to be shown how to build up the sprrd required for modern metal riffs as I find it really hard to play Slipknot or Lamb of God riffs at the speed required on either bass or guitar and I just give up and go back to the blues. You are a top bloke

  10. Even just on a plebian YT video the Kramer Genes look so, so much better quality than the Corts, of course that is reflected in the price-tag.

  11. SCOTT !! YOU ARE THE MAN !!! 😉 That was some SLAMM'IN & JAMM'IN on that acrylic that you have. I can't say it enough but,, THANK ~YOU !!!!!

  12. Groovy Music Lessons

    There you go! lol

  13. Groovy Music Lessons

    My total pleasure! Thanks so much for checking it out!

  14. Groovy Music Lessons

    You got it my man. I'll put out some more for you. Good, effective and simple that put some real authority behind your playing. It will be fun for me as well!

  15. It's a Kramer 'Gene Simmons Axe bass' that's what he means by 'how to make country bass look better' you simply use a Kramer Gene Simmons, strung with flats though…

  16. what strange bass is this? is metopiki is uper body?

  17. Great lesson Scott !

  18. I like the country lines !!! I would like to learn some maybe rock riffs ,, funk ,, I just LOVE my BASS !!! I love music and anything I can learn I'm just thrilled to death !!! I'm just happy that your putting this lesson … Lessons !!!! Out there . I can't thank you enough !!!!! 🙂

  19. Groovy Music Lessons

    Cool Mike! Then I'll put a LOT more of them out there for you. What do you need the help with so I can tailor some just to what you need?

  20. ScOTT !!!!! Thank you !! For taking the time it seems your BASS vids are the only one's I LEARN FROM !!!!! So thank you !! The way that you teach them , I actually get it ..

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