Mali Tuareg style Ali Farka Toure Tinariwen electric guitar lesson

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In this lesson I break down some of the things that make the sound of musicians like Ali Farka Toure and Tinariwen distinctive. This is mostly focused on a couple of the unique scales that they use.


  1. Been listening to some Mauritanian guitar too??
    Also how about the mode of Em pentatonic that starts from A?

  2. bla bla bla bla bla bla oppsss

  3. since u listen to this mosic i recommend u tinariwen and terhanin from algeria

  4. good tips, nice one.

  5. Fantastic video. Huge thanks man ! I had already picked up few 'Touareg style' sentences but you made everything clear. Keep on giving good vibes and advices and thanks again !

  6. Mulhouse WorldMusique

    very good my brother of music

  7. how could I contact you please?

  8. I love this style. They definitely have adapted their teaditional kora music for guitar and it's sounds damn good.

  9. Thanks for this. Greetings from Ukraine

  10. Great video have some tabs or links to some of the more popular songs?

  11. Hey great video. For more of an advanced beginner however it's hard to follow when your finger the scale so fast. I think tabbing the lesson would be a great idea. Thanks. Love that music.

  12. this is goode

  13. libiya algeria moroco muritaniya mali touareg music

  14. Metallaoui Yasser

    Tinariwen are algerian and mali not Libya dud

  15. You have made videos on all my favorite flavors of music. I started listening to this kinda music a year ago, and am totally hooked. Before that I was (am) all into gypsy jazz and eastern music. What am I missing now? hahaha!

  16. The music is From Mali, and Tinariwen is not from Lybia as you claimed. Please stop creating such confusions. This is how Westerners always start. Soon we are going to hear that it came from Europe or that it is some Arabic music. This is the source of American blues here.

  17. አሸናፊ ዘመዴ

    Murat Good on you bud!

  18. thanks Murat. Beautifully explained and wonderful to see your words translate into those beautiful sounds under your fingers

  19. Very informative!!

  20. Abdullah Almoaiqel

    wow I would do a lot to get those skills, where do I start?do you recommend a beginner blues guitar?

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