Man Of Constant Sorrow Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Tab – Normal Tuning

this is an acoustic guitar lesson for “Man Of Constant Sorrow” by the “Soggy Bottom Boys” this is done in standard guitar tuning but is played in the same style. I play it with a capo on second fret. I also have a unique mid 8 / melody section that is really simple but helps to break the verses up.


  1. Jerry Walton Walton

    The song is not done that way.try drop D .must have been taught that way in England.

  2. There's a lot of confusion in the comments, for how simple the song actually is… so I'll try to reduce it a bit 🙂

    The album version is standard tuning, capo in 1st.
    There are only three chords in the song: E, A and B. All straight major chords. I play them a bit different than in the video:

    In particular, the B chord sounds much better to my ear, than with the added note on the low string, and using the high strings produces more of a banjo kind of sound.

    As for the little variations, that's fairly simple too. Basically any finger of any of the chords, can be lifted and still remain in scale. So just try some hammer-ons and pull-offs for instance, and some pleasing patterns are likely to appear 🙂

  3. put the capo on the first fret and it'll be in the original key

  4. You people know soggy bottom boys don't exsist right? Its Dan tyminsky's union station. They are Alison Kraus's band.

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  7. Vini Andrade Music

    I don't know why. But I hear it (the song in the movie) played in standard tune. Is that correct?

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  9. Sorry but I keep hearing "wild thing" by the Troggs!

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