Man of Constant Sorrow Full Guitar Lesson – Soggy Bottom Boys

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Learn how to play Man of Constant Sorrow by Soggy Bottom Boys on guitar with this online guitar lesson from Tony Bakker and Six String Country. Full sheet music and charts at

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  1. Best version and lesson of this song on youtube

  2. Superb and clear as day. Just need to get in a ton a practice. Thanks.

  3. Nice!!! You made it really easy to follow. Thanks!

  4. What tuning is this?

  5. Thanks you so much man

  6. i would give one leg away to play this…..

  7. Thanks ! you should play it fully once slowly

  8. Best video I've seen in a while. Cool song.

  9. Great job! Love the shirt man "BlackBerry Smoke" you've got good taste.

  10. Great video man. Took me a second to realise I had to drop the e, but I got it now! Cheers!

  11. Just saw O Brother where art thou for the first time 10mins ago. Love this song now.

  12. Blackberry smoke tee shirt too ….love it

  13. Thanks

  14. Omg this looks so freaking fun to play

  15. Thanks for this one, I love this song.

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