Maneli Jamal – Acoustic Guitar Lesson 5 – Two Hand Tap (Lucid Drawl)

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We will now be looking at one section of my piece “Lucid Drawl” which is in the open Dsus4 tuning or also called DADGAD. Whenever we’re using open tunings we have the ability to really expand our sounds on the guitar. Although you may be limited to one key, it is an effective tool for making arrangements of pieces as well as incorporating two hand tap / percussive sounds to get a rich and open sound. This was my first alternate tuning composition to get into so it was of no surprise that I had to write a song in it. You may need to relearn the fret board with each tuning you get into or just trust your ears.

In this section we can see that we are using some slides when we’re tapping with the right hand fingers. It gives it a really cool effect and the illusion of there being 2 guitars. Important thing to note is to ensure you keep pressure on the strings when sliding your right hand fingers so the sound doesn’t deaden. This will take some practice and may hurt your fingers after a while if you haven’t built up the callous yet. I would suggest you do short practice sessions daily as opposed to running a marathon. If you can tap your foot on every down beat then you’ve got this one down and it’s time to learn the full song if you accept the challenge!

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  1. Heavenly!

  2. Which microphone you are using to record this guitar??i love this lesson…really helpful ..

  3. thanks sir….this lesson improvised my guitar playing a lot…

  4. I started watching this and then he played…I'm like "I'm outa here…I'll only depress myself cos I will never get to that level!" lol

  5. I enjoyed learning this. Havent tried percussive or acoustic tapping before this. Well done. I picked this up alot quicker than I thought. Any tips on writing pieces like this? Thanks mate

  6. hey you teach very well……thank u …….

  7. What guitar are you using?

  8. Great stuff! Keep up the great work 🙂

  9. Paul D. Satyrfyre

    Thanks Maneli! I saw you and met you @ Harbourfront last summer and since then you've become one of my top 3. This is so beautiful, masterful and that you're teaching it online is an even further testament of your spirituality. You're awesome brother!

  10. Daniel markovsky

    Please Do a tutorial on nail attack !

  11. Hussam AbuShahla

    How the hell did you think about this at first place?!

  12. This is absolutely amazing man, that you're actually spending your own time by educating upcoming guitarists like this. You, sir, are awesome.
    Oh, and by the way, you've got yourself another subsciber.
    Keep rockin', bro.

  13. Riangga Satriawan

    hallo Mr. Maneli , i was very impressed with this one, if you dont mind, could you tell me how to make the tap sounds clean, how to train it? thanks before

  14. sounds tapping with a concert guitar good as well?:)

  15. when I tap using my right hand, my guitar makes a buzzy sound. Is my guitar broken? o.o

  16. Beautiful. But fuck me I'm too lazy to tune my guitar that way. This video was amazing I enjoyed every second of it

  17. Great lesson! Th-up

  18. Hello Maneli!
    Fantastic lesson! You teach very crearly and very calmny.
    Thank you Master! Yvonne

  19. .Thank you so much for this great lesson , hope you keep them coming

  20. Nicolas Billot

    You re a great teacher Maneli, it is very easy to understand (not so easy to play but you give us everything to learn it)

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