Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams – Guitar Tutorial (HALLOWEEN GUITAR LESSONS!)

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This is the Marilyn Manson Sweet Dreams Guitar Tutorial. This guitar lesson covers how to play Marilyn Manson’s Sweet Dreams. This guitar lesson covers the guitar chords, chord progression and signature riff. Please like, comment share and subscribe! Thanks for watching my videos!

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  1. Thank you. Great instructional vid.

  2. El solo man el solo , aguante el solo de jhon 5

  3. Do the whole song mannn


  5. Such a mean riff! Thank you for the well-made video. You are my hero


    Is this drop d or?

  7. The way you explained the power cords makes no sense to me

  8. Meowing_Animator

    Oh god i was playing all night XD

  9. Ik the video is a couple years old, but thanks!!!

  10. Who was the original guitarist of this song with the band at the time?

  11. Man i can actually play it now, it sounds so good. Thanks dude!

  12. nice

  13. Melissa Fielden

    can it work on a regular guitar

  14. Spooder Pig/Emo Jew

    Have you ever put butter on a pop tart it's so friggin good

  15. angel pardo spain

    What distorter is good for playing sweet dreams by marilyn manson?

  16. sounds like crazy train

  17. gangsta pikachu

    sounds like crazy train

  18. You explained it amazingly man good job, got a sub and like

  19. Thanks, I can finally play the opening riff!

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