Maroon 5 Girls Like You Guitar Lesson

Maroon 5 Girls Like You Guitar Lesson

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Here’s a new lesson on a new song from Maroon 5 (feat. Cardi B), “Girls Like You” – Super easy acoustic guitar chords but also a fun melody like.

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  1. I appreciate your support! Also, I have Free courses at my site

  2. Can you please do “Fred Bear” by Ted Nugent one of my all time favorites and I can’t find it anywhere

  3. Request. "House on a Hill" – The Pretty Reckless.
    No one has a tutorial for this awesome song.

  4. Could you do “everything changes” by staind or just any staind in general

  5. I like you know Phil X. That guy is the man!

  6. Hay Marty if you get the chance can you do Berta Berta by Thomas Vent

  7. Pls every breath you take

  8. Last time i watched your videos you didnt have a single white hair hahaha
    Still amazing tho! thank you for being an integral part in my career, and being the reason i could play my first chord and chord progression ever 6 years ago <3

  9. Hey would you make some easy Metal song videos? That would be awesome

  10. yer killin me – remo drive please!!!!!

  11. hey marty! im a huge fan and i have been trying to figure out how to play this song FOREVER! i thought it would be a new and cool kind of style to play. the song is pannucis pizza-“ wait you know who frankie muniz is right?” if you could help me it would mean a lot! keep it up and thank you.

  12. Any tips on how to get that phase effect on the radio version? The way it loses all the tone when the vocals come in (similar to “Wake Me Up”) Possibly a post rec job. Also, in the radio version the G chord is voiced with the B on top, the G voicing with the d and g on top give it a slightly different flavor :). I also think the volume swell on the muted 16th note riff is essential for the trap beat vibe. Thx for posting, great stuff!

  13. Sir, can i request iris by goo goo dolls? Thx

  14. Josh Kelley – Georgia Clay. Teach us this, the way he plays this song is incredible! Would love to learn this one.

  15. These types of lessons are the ones i am waiting for the one in which you show some one note lines . Hope you make more of these .

  16. Can you pls teach can i be him by james auther.

  17. can you do a lesson on this old guitar and me by vince gill

  18. Marty could we get a black sabbath into the void lesson?

  19. Pls do "mundo" by IV of spades

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