Maroon 5 – Maps (Guitar Lesson) by Shawn Parrotte

Maroon 5 - Maps (Guitar Lesson) by Shawn Parrotte

Check out how to play Maroon 5’s “Maps” on guitar by watching this video lesson. Check below for all the tabs and chords you need for this awesome tune. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe for more daily guitar lessons. Click here:


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Here’s how to play the riff:



Here are the chords:

A: x02220
B: x24442
C#m: x46654
F#m: 244222
G#m: 466444
G#7: 464544

The chord progressions:

Verse: Riff x4
PreChorus: |F#m|F#m|G#m|G#7|
Chorus: |A B C#m|(C#m)| x8
Verse: Riff x4.5
PreChorus: |F#m|F#m|G#m|G#7|
Chorus: |A B C#m|(C#m)| x8
Bridge: B & C#m sometimes
Chorus: |A B C#m|(C#m)| x8
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  1. nice one, its helping

  2. idg wat u mean by a string b string like wtf

  3. ok ik im still kinda ish not beginner

  4. wtf idgi

  5. I can play my favourite song now ! I'm so happy !

  6. i still cant play gitaur

  7. Amazing lesson man!! Was able to nail it in 1 hour of hard practice, thx!

  8. thanks man and what guitar r u using?

    im using a fender

  9. thanks for the help I got the ramyth almost instantly

  10. Hey Shawn!! can you please tell me where the bridge section starts in the song and where it ends. I can't really figure it out. And are we going to play the chorus and pre-chorus the same way?

  11. u is the best bro thanks a lot…i hope u get ur medal…hahaha

  12. Lê Minh Đặng

    tks a lot!

  13. oh yeah, very good

  14. Awesome! Bookmarked

  15. M teguh iman hasan ayag- eyeg


  16. Roprop Macalino

    cant you make she look so perfect tutorial using electric guitar please

  17. Keep it up Shawn!!!!! :')you're just awesome mate!!! 🙂

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