Maroon 5 Memories (Easy Acoustic) Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Hey guys! Today I’m teaching you how to play Maroon 5’s new single, Memories. I’ll go over two different ways to play the song. The first and more beginner version of the song is played with a capo and simpler chords. If you’re looking for a challenge and a fuller sound for this light, upbeat track, check out the second version and play the song with barre chords! Grab your acoustic guitar, maybe grab a friend, and play both versions of the song together!

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  1. Pls play buwan its a pilipino song plss

  2. I’m starting to get closer to unsubscribing because YUR WAY TOO FAST, you just say do this do that within a blink of an eye, I can’t learn anything, eve sweet home Alabama is too hard for me because you’re teaching me way too fast

  3. they rip off Canon soooo hard.. like I get tons of songs have but this one is just so much more obvious.. and I get that musicians are always borrowing and stealing but this is literally just then using something everyone likes to make some cash of an uninspired single

  4. It doesn’t matter what I say. As long as I sing with inflection. Aah, the hook brings me back.

  5. I love simple acoustics

  6. Please do choo choo by Mac demarco please

  7. Hey Marty! I have a suggestion for ya. Dust my broom by Robert Johnson. It has a famous slide riff and I know you’ve been into slide lately. I’d love to see a tutorial some day. Thanks Marty.

  8. Hey Marty in case you forgot man please do a lesson on blind faith had to cry today thanks man 🙂

  9. hey marty can you play “Stars” by Hum?

  10. Marty, Could you please do a lesson on Yer Blues by The Beatles!

  11. Llewelyn Sannajust

    Please make a tutorial on "Angie" by The Rolling Stones!!!!

  12. Awesome lesson thanks Marty

  13. Do "The Last Stand" by Sabaton.
    God wills it.

  14. Can you do a lesson on this video it’s amazing it’s played on a 12 string. I think it has three parts but one isn’t shown played.

  15. New maroon 5 co written and produced by Lake Grove New York’s own Jon Bellion. Maybe see you at the Iridium Marty!

  16. Hey Marty FYI I’m on your email list and just today I got a phishing scam email with your name on it. You might want to warn the people on your list.

  17. Marty please do more Skynyrd songs! They're my favorite and you're the best teacher on here!

  18. Tutorial on “WALLS” by Kings og Leon?

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