Marry Me | Thomas Rhett | Beginner Guitar Lesson
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Learn two ways to play “Marry Me” by Thomas Rhett.

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  1. Yes!!

  2. can you do matt mason – E

  3. Could you do the song cost of livin

  4. You took all the rambling out of me by Jerry Reid next? Please

  5. Hello. Can you do “Maybe We Will” by Noah Schnacky?

  6. Zachery Fraczkiewicz

    Could u do a lesson for Sixteen by Thomas Rhett?

  7. your such an inspiration for me thanks

  8. If you don't already have a video of you playing Mercy by Brett Young then could you find time and upload it please?

  9. Hey Matt question for you . . . How can I make the percussion slap sound while using a pick? There’s gotta be a way


  11. @CountrySongTeacher this was very helpful! And I picked it up fairly quickly. But I am lost on the strumming pattern when you really start picking up the tempo, can you please do a repost and go over the strumming pattern or at least add it into the description? Thank you.

  12. Gabriel Rasmussen

    Your editer didn't start it over

  13. Very nice! It’s obvious you don’t have a video editor or anything, lol. Good work. (Even tho you did NOTHING other than take the chord progressions off the internet. As if that wasn’t obvious)

  14. Come on dog is the b flat to hard for you

  15. Could you do any Logan Mize song?

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