Marshall Tucker Band – Can’t You See – How to Play on Acoustic Guitar Acoustic Songs For Guitar

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  1. Please do a tutorial on Amie by Pure Prairie League with the acoustic solo included.

  2. i need tab diagram otherwise your lesson are good..

  3. if you played it a hair slower it would be perfect as hell man. thanks for the lesson tho. great taste in music. some John Mellon would be badass to

  4. Marty thanks brother awesome song and great lesson ,

  5. great

  6. Mickey Wianecki

    Good Stuff,Ive learned alot from ya Marty. love Taylors also

  7. I want me another taylor 814ce so bad, such a sweet sound.

  8. Sup Marty…. may you please play me "G eazy Ft Mary J_ Nothing To Me" I love the song and I would also love to learn it's chords as well #Thank You in Advance sir

  9. Can you do lazy eye by the silver pickups

  10. marty schwartz i learn so much from you……tanks

  11. Beautiful picking thru the chords. You really nailed this lesson! Thanks.

  12. you need to play air guitar to this on a car hifi parked up outside some crappy American food store . With locals walking by, wondering what the hell is going on…..Just to Uk guys having fun to a great track !

  13. Best song to start learning to play, your great my friend,love the fedora and your playing thanks for being on the net your making me better!!

  14. Another great lesson. Thank you.

  15. Is this in standard tuning?

  16. How long for me to learn all of this as a beginner?

  17. Beginner?

  18. I'm glad I started playing when I was 12 being almost 25 now I've learned a lot a lot of people my age try and drop it bc it don't come to them so kids start while ur young ull catch on easier

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