Martin Acoustic Guitars – Marty Schwartz Guitar Lessons Gear Overview: Acoustic Guitars

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martin guitars model DCPA3 as well as a 1978 M 36

Martin Acoustic Guitars – Marty Schwartz Guitar Lessons Gear Overview: Acoustic Guitars cover lesson review metal “guitar cover” “acoustic cover” collection electric frank reviews dvd game update solid top “acoustic guitar” picking snake “metal gear” “gear solid”
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  1. I have never heard any negatives on the martins but personally I like the Zager as I feel they have a sound very close to the Martins but at a much lower price point. Of course everyone has there preferences. the Zager has the tuner and pickups as standard which is nice also.

  2. What a great guitar, your Dads hand down is also a beauty. Great demo. Thanks for that.

  3. Grand Performing Artist

  4. Vic Crosscountry

    Yo Marty love your work, thank you for your awesome videos. Where is that hat from? What’s it called?

  5. Just ok not impressed why I guess all we see is your Taylor

  6. Not dads haha

  7. So over priced

  8. Mary Ty for your talent and lessons on u tube .my boyfriend Donnie is having a blast and is learning well tu again debbie

  9. Performing Artist refers to the neck shape. A different type would be a modified oval shape. Some are V shapes for thumb over the neck players, not for classical style guitarists. C shape necks are very comfortable. The Aura pickup must be a guitar modeling setup. Guitar amps had amp modeling, like the Line 6 Spider amps. Now modeling for acoustic guitars. Marty is correct, the piezo only pickups are harsh and scratchy. Manufacturers tried guitars with a piezo and a microphone pickup you could blend in. These did not work out, too much feedback.

  10. thank you very much for making this video Marty. I own a guitar and it is as amazing as you described it. I played the hell out of it and then some. it was a birthday present years ago that came out quite a price. long story short, couple weeks back after I thought I did some fixing and was proud of my attempt at being a luthier, it died in my hands in front of a packed house. if you ever get curious just look at my videos. I'm an acoustic live Performing Artist, and I drug my poor guitar everywhere slept on it and then played It Again. recently I decided to get it fixed properly officially taking it out of active duty. I had a good friend offer me an opportunity to get the same guitar but a 4 so it's a performance size instead of a Dreadnought whatever that means. I must say getting a second chance was awesome. you are smarter about protecting equipment and I was, I hope this video helps out a lot of guitar players as it was nice for me to see. I must be doing something right if it's the guitar that you picked

  11. Jim From Cleveland

    is there a non cutaway version of this?

  12. you suck

  13. I used Martin SP 80 20 long life on my DCPA3 sounded more natural. 12s

  14. Do you feel acoustics get better tone with age? Is you're new Martin wider at the nut? What about the Taylor I see you also use?

  15. PA=performing artist 🙂

  16. I miss the old guitar

  17. Im not saying that Martin's aren't good, but I just can't sit down and play them for long periods of time like I can with a Taylor. The body on a taylor as well as the neck just seal the deal with me. I love Taylor's so much and hope to one day own a martin.

  18. there's no marty acoustic guitar?

  19. But you got a nice new Taylor .  right ?  

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