“Mary Did You Know?” Acoustic Guitar Lesson – (Matt McCoy)

This is one of the top Christmas songs of all time. It’s a little more difficult than most of my easy to play lessons but it can be done! Checkout http://www.acousticselection.com for my DVD and all my video links. God bless!
Chord Link:http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/m/mark_lowry/mary_did_you_know_crd.htm


  1. great job Brother Matt!

  2. God love you too Merry Christmas and this video really really did help me :)

  3. Not bad I do better :-! 

  4. Impressive clip! Keep up the great work :-)

  5. I got blessed just hearing you sing the song. Can't wait to play it. Thank you.

  6. Thanks Matt.  My wife challenged me to learn a Christmas song and this is one of my favorites!

  7. The funny thing is, is that I was wanting you to put a video up, about this song! Thank you

  8. We loved it! Thank you for taking the time to teach. Gbu

  9. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks for this upload Matt! I've had a rough day. My parents are fighting and my relationship with my dad has not been good. And I've been really sad. A video from you is always the best and so is a new song for me to learn of course! 

  11. Awesome, love this song!

  12. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Thanks Matt, I've been looking for a song to work on for christmas, this one's perfect.

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