Master of Puppets (Acoustic) – Guitar Lesson

Master of Puppets (Acoustic) - Guitar Lesson

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Chords used: Em D(Dsus4) Cadd9 B7

There’s a really cool way to cycle between all of these chords! Check out my other video on this called “Chord Family 2”.

Metallica is obviously a standard of heavier rock and early metal in the world of music. This is the acoustic interlude of their classic hit “Master of Puppets”
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  1. Paster of Muppets

    Nice……but ……different track than I thought it was going to be. 🙂

  2. Came to Argentina to give me some lessons. I show you haw to make a good asado.
    Seriously, I ll try to catch this. I have some success with the islander.

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