Master of Puppets Guitar Lesson – Metallica – Intro

Master of Puppets Guitar Lesson - Metallica - Intro

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In this lesson I will demonstrate how to play the killer intro to Metallica’s incredible “Master of Puppets”.

Now I don’t plan on only teaching this part of the song. I will definitely be finishing the whole thing note-for-note. I just always gauge which songs to finish first based of the support they get. So if you wanna see the rest of these lessons let me know!

In this Master of Puppets guitar lesson I will break down the extremely fast down picked intro that so many Metallica fans love.

In will require a pretty advanced picking hand technique. If you don’t have very much experience with this type of rapid muted down stroke metal thrashing, simply try and get the coordination down first. Then as you slowly speed the riff up, pay close attention to any tension that may arise in your picking hand wrist, forearm and shoulder. Use small relaxed movements.

The left hand doesn’t get to sit around very long either. It is required to hop down the fretboard fret-by-fret keeping up with the right hand. Getting them both synchronized can be quite the challenge.

The second half of the intro goes into a riff that is a bit easier to play since it stays put in one area of the fretboard and the right hand picking is slightly easier (I explain why in the video lesson).

This is classic thrash metal at it’s absolute best so take your time and learn it right. I will be back here soon to show you guys the rest. 🙂

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  1. More cowbell please!

  2. Why out the whole thing I'm finding the sliding power chord the hardest

  3. Jared Dines' Bass Player LET'S GOOO

    I think it's just me, but I keep having problems with the 3-2-0 power chord part in the intro riff. How do I improve this?

  4. Christian Schmitz

    You just instantly earned a subscriber, bro!!!!


  6. Stream fishing in surrey Stream fishing in rh1

    I am 14 and can play this song all the way through is dat good

  7. Is there a Call of Ktulu lesson?

  8. Satria Nugraha


  9. Satria Nugraha

    any tips for the amp settings?

  10. What kind of guitar do you have???

  11. Dipendra Gyawali

    Sir will you please do the lesson for temple of the king by rainbow..


  13. the hard part is mutting the open stings and palying the frets without a mute in the intro


    At 4:39 do you hit the e string twice or just hit it once and mute it on the first fret?

  15. i saw one look at that intro and upped it – no question about it

  16. Why I can't give more than 1 Like ? 🙁 😉

  17. Johnny English

    I'm I they only one who finds sliding the power chord really hard?.

  18. Brendan Crawford

    Could you do creeping death by Metallica?

  19. jpotts1515gaming

    I made the mistake of trying to learn this right of the bat. I just need to get my pinkie to bend. I can never get the 01 2 01 3 01 4 01 3 01 2 part good because my pinkie is a defiant little shit

  20. 1 minute into the lesson and the easy part is over….

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