Master the Art of ‘Jamming’ On Bass Using These 3 Methods (Plus 3 Tips)

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How To Jam On Bass – 3 Methods And 3 Tips

If you don’t know how to jam on bass, the whole idea of playing music with other people can be scary and intimidating. It’s much ‘safer’ to just stay in your room, playing by yourself.

But if you did that, you’d miss out on one of the most rewarding and satisfying parts of being a bass player – making music with other people. Especially creating music from scratch!

Luckily, you don’t have to know dozens of songs, thousands of licks or millions scales. In fact, you can learn how to jam on bass without any of these things.

You see, there are 3 super common jamming scenarios:

1. Jamming with you on bass and a drummer
2. Jamming with a chordal player, like a guitar or a piano
3. Jamming with a full band

For every scenario, there are slightly different approaches that you need to take, but there are also tips that will work in nearly every situation, and you’ll get those in the lesson as well.

Of course there are other kinds of situations, but these 3 are the most common, and when you know how to approach each of them, you’ll have no trouble jamming in any of them.

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How To Jam On Bass – 3 Methods And 3 Tips

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Of course if you have any questions about anything in the lesson, just drop a comment down below and I’ll answer them as best as I can.

Good luck with the lesson and happy jamming!



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How To Jam On Bass – 3 Methods And 3 Tips


  1. Thanks for another great lesson. You definitely make the most easily-applicable videos, every time I watch there's something I can go right ahead and start doing. Perfect balance of both the give a fish and teach to fish idea, haha.

  2. Ok Luke. Did you write a book yet? Website?

  3. I like how you tend to stick the tongue out when playing as a sign of a weird musical concentration. It might be likable to me because I do this as well, or probably because, well, it just is incredibly cool. Cheers Luke!

  4. Your bass reminds me of a banana

  5. I really like and appreciate your well balanced approach of teaching the bass online. I am an intermediate guitar player and try to proceed with the bass now. Very good work! Please keep it up! Greetings from Germany


  7. This was so so helpful, thank you !

  8. 7:478:29 sounds like a legit song intro bruh. Anyone know if it is?

  9. Playing bass guitar is fun and good relaxation to pass the time. Thanks for the very interesting lesson.

  10. Another solid tutorial ! Those small embellishments on the Dm,C,G pattern were cool ! I just stole the hell outa them LOL!

  11. Malindu Kumaradasa

    This really made me feel a lot less nervous of an upcoming performance where I have to play with some senior musicians where I'm a bass beginner. I think I can face it much more confidently now.

    Thanks a lot!

  12. Thanks for adding a pure white background so I dont have to see my ugly reflection. Your amazing !!!

  13. Tomorrow a friend is throwing a party at his house or my house we still don't know. He plays guitar and I play bass. Another guy that is coming plays bass and the other one plays drums. Jam time.

  14. 4:51 – Every Christian rock song

  15. Awesome Video !!! Great work

  16. many many thanks, Luke. Top tip!

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