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How To Master F major Chord – 4 Easy Steps – Electric/Acoustic Guitar Lessons For Beginners

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  1. The best F Chord tutorial.

  2. Hu just said where to put your fingers. How is that tips on F chord?

  3. What’s the name of this chord, I play a C chord but barre the high E and B

  4. If you're having trouble playing the F chord, have your guitar properly set up by a professional guitar tech. Night and Day!

  5. I m not able hold E and B string with my index finger while holding other string with other fingers

  6. if you learned it: pick another guitar and you start from scratch F = F…

  7. Thanks! This works! Yep important parts for me were 1. The index finger on an angle and 2. Make sure your finger tips are right at the end of the fret. Perfect position is key for this one

  8. F is for FUN, right?

  9. Your Dry Blazer

    E is for easy
    F is for FUCK

  10. F-This

  11. This Chord i ll recommend to my strongest enemy to learn …

  12. Thanks. Lovely simple explanation and I’m one of those that prefers the full barre option. I’m a real beginner!

  13. This chord stresses me a lot using my acoustic however, I found that on different acoustic guitar, it's perfectly easy so my conclusion is: It's not the chord that is difficult – it's the particular guitar fretboard or I suspect the nut make that determines how easy or hard you're gonna find F Major.

  14. I realize the reason I can't play F chord now. My finger is legit too small to make the barre… So, what now? 🙁

  15. The full bar is so much easier for me, the other way is scary lol

  16. Thank you

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