Master THE NUMBERS SYSTEM (in under 10 minutes!)

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I’ll keep this super short as I’m writing this from the middle of a studio session (with the one and only Gary Willis… WHOOP!)… so let’s get to it…

You can practice your scales… practice your arpeggios… but if you don’t understand THIS none of that will matter as you won’t understand how and why EVERYTHING is connected…

And once you start to understand this system it’s ALL gonna start making sense.


I hope so 😉

It’s all about the numbers system… and I’m going to show you how to understand it and apply it to your bass playing – in less than 10 minutes!

As always, see you in the shed!

Scott 🙂


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  1. Thank you so much, this really makes sense, great to see this being taught in such a fun way, someone who loves it!
    there lies a musical freedom when you go past the mathematical sound barrier, and knowing your stuff helps to become fluent.
    Thanks for your great tutorials, I'm a guitarist, who loves the bass of my acoustic guitar, and your videos have helped rekindle the bass in my playing. Knowing that there is more always inspires. Anyways thanks again!

  2. רמי שער שער

    Please be more active!!

  3. I truely love this bass, used, she got history, I want a bass like this.

  4. 3:56 How to play UNDERWATER THEME Super Mario World. You're Welcome!

  5. Abhijit Chakraborty

    Dude…that moment when the vid is fast-forwarded

  6. saddam chaves navarrete

    What a great bass

  7. Nice tising I have liarnig

  8. The triad is a mb5 not a m7b5 dude. It only gets the b7 when you, well, add the b7. You even point it out for the dominant.

  9. I always heard of this concept as "chord order."

  10. this was great > I think I'll do the trial

  11. you cant talk straight

  12. You’ve saved me

  13. Love it. I’ve been a guitar player for 20 years, I’m just starting on bass in the last year. This has been a great lesson, and I’m also enjoying the slap tutorials as well.

  14. Okay I'm a little confused on some of the stuff he said, what video should I watch first if I don't know half of this stuff

  15. Schade….er ist schon verheiratet UND hat einen Sohn….. (freut mich allerdings auch für die Ehefrau !) … Grüße, eine Bassistin aus Deutschland

  16. And it is the same in every Country, Amazing

  17. Can anyone please tell me why at 4:39, it's Bb instead of a normal B? Same with F# and C# at 5:56

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