Mastering Octaves – Beginner Guitar Lesson

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The lesson teaches the basics of what octaves are and how to apply them on the guitar across all strings. We focus a lot of the muting involved with playing octaves correctly as well as how use you can use octaves to create your own musical phrases.

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Lesson Taught By: Carl Brown


  1. that's what i was looking for, thanks Carl

  2. foo fighter's favorite guitar move

  3. I dunno how tom Delonge plays octaves but his finger shape looks different.

  4. I'm using this method to attempt to learn "The Ghost of You" by My Chemical Romance. The fast octaves in that song are difficult to play.

  5. those are some really cool pickups o.o

  6. Muting strings is fine until you start getting unintentional harmonics (ie, octaves on the 12th fret)

  7. thanks for demystifying the muting thing. 

  8. Simple definition of an octave; the higher octave's frequency (pitch) is 2x that of the lower note.  Because the higher note is the 2x frequency, they sound identical/harmonious/the "same".

    Saves time getting to the playing — for which I thank you much.   😉

  9. Verry In-to-resting

  10. Great lesson!!!  this is really hard x.x

  11. Awesome lesson!!! Any chance you could do one on performing scales up Octaves (diagonally) ??

  12. Hey man, great video. So, say I was playing this on say… 5th fret A string and 7th fret G string, what would someone else playing a rhythm guitar play under this? Assuming he were to play power chords.
    I love using octaves but I never know how to write the rhythm guitar part behind them?

  13. Dude thank you so much ! Your tutorials are so helpful and have made me learn lots thanks again and keep up the good work

  14. just started learning to play guitar some few weeks ago. feeling more and more comfortable. glad i've found this video. it's dead simple, no non-sense, just what a dummy beginner like me needs. gonna try and practise some octaves on these coming days and holidays 🙂 thanks so much. i'm already finding it useful!

  15. @uppon2 Yes it is, most of the time all fingers should be placed towards the front of the fret space kinda touching the back of the fret whenever possible. It helps develop a more solid and consistent technique and since you are right up to the fret you don't have to press as hard than if you placed your fingertip in the middle of the fret space. 🙂

  16. It looks like you are touching the fret every time with your first finger. Is that a technique?

  17. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the great feedback!! 🙂

  18. Awesome, I am glad you can use them. I am always looking for ideas for new lessons so feel free to let me know if you have any. 🙂 Carl..

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