Matchbox Twenty 3AM Guitar Lesson +Tutorial

It’s three am and I must be lonely because I’m about to teach you this classic Matchbox Twenty song 3am! This song is super easy to learn and in no time I’ll have you serenading anyone just like Rob Thomas can!

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  1. thanks so much for supporting MartyMusic! Also I have a ton of FREE courses when you sign my newsletter. at

  2. Outstanding! Thanks Marty!

  3. Marty, please show us a Quinn Sullivan song such a midnight highway!!

  4. Do F for Effort by Les Vinyl!!!

  5. You should do Touch Peel and Stand by Days of the New

  6. Can you make a tutorial for Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- Your Guardian Angel in drop C tuning?! You are by far my favorite for learning guitar!

  7. This is a great first song for beginners. I started playing about 6 months ago or maybe 8. But anyways this was the first song I was able to play. Good tutorial thanks marty

  8. can you do mister sandman- the chordettes?

  9. Dear Marty, Could you consider doing a lesson on ''Benny and the jets'' By Elton John. If you could consider this that would be so amazing, thanks again!

  10. lean_runner_bean

    Would it be possible for you to do send me on my way – rusted root

  11. My favorite teacher!!! I like the way you teach a guitar

  12. Esgeht vorwärts

    Hey Marty!
    Could u please do a Tutorial for „driver‘s seat“ by sniff n the tears?!! Thx a lot! Lookin forward to!!
    Greez from Germany!

  13. Can u teach us to play country boy can survive by hank Williams jr

  14. HEY CHILD by X Renegades pls

  15. Ren & Stimpy theme is great … Maybe you could do a video about it…

  16. Love when you do acoustic songs. Can take those with me anywhere.

  17. Rock Covers Music

    Good Marty. 🙂

  18. Do Ratt’s Givin’ Yourself Away?! Great song!

  19. The beard keep the beard brother it fits ya:) ty For teaching us all a different style to play an practice YOU ROCK MAN!!!!!

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