Matt Smith Gives A Killer Slide Guitar Lesson – Part 1

Matt Smith gives a great lesson on slide guitar.

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  1. What guitar are you using? It's complete titts

  2. Wicked! Just bought a slide. This is great. Thanks

  3. what guitar is that?, its biutiful

  4. Now that's a slide lesson

  5. Cool man!

  6. Thats a beautiful guitar. What brand is it.

  7. I prefer using my pinky for the slide cause it leaves my index, middle and ring fingers open to play fingered notes and even chords.

  8. After hours of YouTube tutorials, this fella explains it in 7 minutes. Killer lesson, thank you so much!

  9. Dang, I just wish I had the dude's VOICE .. How great for radio ..

  10. Hmm, didn't care to correct the tuning in the description… disappointing.

  11. Brand new to slide guitar, but I have giant hands like you! What slide do you recommend for my ring finger? Ordered two Glass slides and they both do not fit my finger. Thanks for the lesson it's great!

  12. Defo going to have a go at slide …

  13. 4:37 " you gotta love vibrato"

  14. Remember Duane Allman

  15. Did i hear that right …. "Second string is tuned down to B " ??? Then "First string is tuned down to A" This is Open D, no ?

  16. So that's how they do it first time I seen this

  17. Thanks for that lesson you made it so easy for me !
    Sounds great

  18. Superb lesson!

  19. 🙂

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