Meat Puppets / Nirvana – Plateau Guitar Lesson

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  1. is it just me or does he look super similar to kurt ?

  2. This Guy deserves more views

  3. Chorus was too hard to understand

  4. Is this all played tuned down a note? because in order to get the same sound I have to slide everything down a fret

  5. nice poster 🙂

  6. This is the best tutorial for this song. Thank you.

  7. Hi from Russia! Please, Blandest!

  8. Ah I used to own that very same guitar, but I had to sell it. I can almost smell the wood :´(

  9. When you move the left hand on the ref, how can you avoid to make that terrible noise when you slide on the string???

  10. On the Unplugged, Kurt plays the song with fingers but only the solo, he plays it with a coin. I think is a quarter of dollar. It makes it sound more "metallic".

  11. matt sterling covers

    can you do a tutorial on aero zeppelin

  12. gracias viejo

  13. Thanks man

  14. Some BountyHunter


  15. thxx dad

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