Meet Tammy! Private Lesson 1 (for acoustic singer songwriters) Guitar Lesson Tutorial

See the practice routine, links to lessons and notes (and the rest of the series):
Meet Tammy, a friend of mine who wanted some lessons and I thought might be helpful for other acoustic singer songwriters to see the things we cover in the lessons – of course this is the firsat one so we’re covering a few basics but we’ll be exploring more fun stuff later!

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  1. 13:19. Good catch, sir. Never tell a student 'you can't.'

  2. Jerry Walton Walton

    They Will last more than month much more

  3. been playing 40 years. I still watched this whole lesson. Well done.
    Nobody did any of this with me 40 years ago and obviously there was no internet…. We were all on our own.

  4. Ichigo Kurosaki

    Tammy is the kind of the girl you would take home to meet your mother.

  5. I have been watching Justin for maybe (10?+, 15?) years (Tasmanian devil outros)(later, noise from nearby fire department interruptions). It is so nice to see that you are still the kind, patient, really-want-to-help, caring guy as always. I love your instructions, always very clear and made as simple, straight-forward as possible. But maybe equal to that, keep coming back because you seem like such a nice guy.
    Thank you for all your hard work. Cheers.

  6. Really like this format (as an addition to your already great instructional videos).
    One suggestion: sometimes you said to her, "Just move your second finger HERE." but it was unclear from the camera angle.
    ? Maybe you could say, "Just move your second finger here (on the 2nd fret of the B string)." so that even if we can't see it
    we can still follow where "here" is??

  7. justin is very genuine. one thing i hate about youtube is how full of crap some people can be – half the time they r promoting their own stuff for viewers to buy. Justins lessons are always solid and packed full of good info.

  8. The C and the G chord changes kinda sound like Paradise City

  9. I've always dreamed of putting a Gibson SG pickup in a Strat, but have been talked out of it by the guitar tech at my local shop, who said it's signal would overpower the remaining single coils. Is that what you've got going on, Justin? How does it work for you?

  10. if only my 3 year old strings sounded that good

  11. Please do these sessions…

  12. Nice video. I use 0.60 mm picks. When using a amp with an acoustic guitar, i find a pick less than that is great , as they are smother. Of course one can use the higher settings for picks. I use dunlop picks with grips on them as my fingers get sweaty and I lost grip. Good video keep it up

  13. Great lesson!

  14. Music Teacher Guy

    Tammy! What up?

  15. Great job Justin, really like the idea. Beautiful guitar Tammy, what kind is it. And you play really well, just was curious how long you have been playing? If it's possible. Thanks

  16. She will be fine. Tell her to shake her hand out. She already has good form both on the guitar and off

  17. I really like your incredible creativity

  18. I think we would all like to meet Tammy JG – for a private lesson ; )

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