Meghan Trainor ★ All About That Bass ★ Guitar Lesson – How To Play Tutorial – Watch the enhanced version of this lesson!

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Meghan Trainor ★ All About That Bass ★ Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How To Play Tutorial
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  1. what kind of hairstyle is that

  2. Andy and comedy… MIND BLOWN

  3. Please make a tutorial for Sia's Elastic heart.. Please, Please, Pleeeaassee!!!! 

  4. You are such a boss! :D!!!

  5. You are an amazing guitar teacher!

  6. Талгат Айтбаев

    Marc Terenzi – Love To Be Lobed By You 

  7. It's kind of tricky but I got it

  8. Hey I recently saw one of your videos and it really helped me play time of your life by green day . So since you taught it so well I was hoping if you could make a video on how to play animal i have become by three days grace if it's not too much trouble. 

  9. Thank you for making videos like

    This way im learning more(i just love the way that you give all the details on the song) 

  10. BOSS shotgunshorty (BOSSshotgunshorty)

    This guy is a great teacher and he has some nice songs to learn

  11. EmeraldGamer-Road to 1k

    Best guitar player ever

  12. EmeraldGamer-Road to 1k

    Your awesome 

  13. Please play "celebration" by "kool and the gang"

  14. Hey Andy! Could you do some more classic rock tuts?

  15. Dats not a bass

  16. Can you do a tutorial of how to play "Am I wrong" by Nico and Vinz? Please!!! I will really like it if you will.

  17. Could you please do a tutorial on "I'll be home"- Meghan Trainor? I would love that so much!

  18. Could You please do a tutorial of Theme for a strange world or Revelation by Joe Satrani 

  19. stay by Lisa Loeb pls.

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