Melodic Blues Guitar Lesson

This Melodic Blues Guitar Lesson by Jody Worrell will teach you how to play five different licks over a G7 to B7 chord progression. The goal of these licks is to outline the chord changes in the backing track. Jody will provide detailed instruction on playing each lick and then demonstrate it along with the track. You can download the tab and jam track at

To learn more, check out Jody’s premium lessons on playing Melodic Blues Solos


  1. Greetings from Russia. Thanks for the great lesson. Everything is clear even without knowledge of English))

  2. Great lesson!

  3. Great lessons,  thanks!!

  4. wonderfull!!! ausome!!!

  5. i do play alot of guitar, but still these bends are killing my fingers, is this just me ? playing with 010-046 strings

  6. u have an awesome way to teach and a good song:)

  7. This guy has an awesome way to teach guitar. I like it.

  8. niceee touch

  9. Thank you for your video and your sense of sharing

  10. this shit is DOPE!

  11. Abidin Jayadikarta

    I like it

  12. What do you use to get that Blues sound?

  13. GREAT !!!!!!!!

  14. Thanks. Can you please bear in mind that when paused the bar obscures the tab.

  15. are you changing from the g and b blues scales?

  16. brilliant lesson fairplay

  17. Rolland Istvan Orgonas

    This is simply great. Thank you!

  18. kind and helpful lesson thanks

  19. Thank you very much!

  20. A great free video, thanks alot

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