Men At Work – Land Down Under – Easy Acoustic Guitar Lessons – 80's songs

Men At Work - Land Down Under - Easy Acoustic Guitar Lessons - 80's songs

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  1. The dislikes are jus Australians hitting the like button

  2. Vincent Torrieri

    Excellent guitar teacher

  3. Careful mate, that tune you whistled is a lawsuit waiting to happen!

  4. Producers BeatParty

    you can't whistle

  5. Yep im aussie…so thanks…are these original like record

  6. Practicing for Australia Day!

  7. Matthew Wilkinson

    Thank you. You are not annoying. You are informative and easy going. I could easily recommend you as an online teacher.

  8. Nearly every song I've wanted to play Marty has made a video for. Where would I be without Marty? Thank you for being here along my guitar journey.

  9. land down under is so cool

  10. Marty Man, you are so much fun. Will be doing this one at the local jam with my crazy girlfriends soon. Appreciate the stripped down, no blah blah blah lessons.

  11. deadly tutorial! you know how to do them best bud!

  12. Marty has been teaching beginners how to play songs wrong for so long now. I started playing watching him and quickly outgrew his videos because I noticed they weren't like the records. But I couldn't remember the chords for this song so I thought I'd give him a shoot. At least has the chord progression right but don't play the song like that guys. Bar those gs and as bros. I don't get why he does this, he's a good guitar player, I know he can do better

  13. Bodhisattwa Chanda

    plzzz sing marty sir….sounds great…awsm…

  14. sub freakin scribed big fan keep it up!

  15. Hey guys.. just wanted to point out yes, Aussie song, but keep in mind Colin Hay isn't. I'm pretty sure he's Scottish and gets that down under stuff a lot =) Happy holidays all and thanks for the vid @martyzsongs @guitarjamz

  16. Can you do "Run To Paradise" Choir Boys. Baby!!! you were always be the one, you only ever did it for fun but "You Run to Paradise" I know its a song about ???? but when I am away from my favourite place, I like to listen to it but struggle playing it.
    Your a champ, so far I have learnt around 8 songs, need heaps more practice to go public though hahharrr

  17. Oh Yar Mate a auusie song aded to my quiver

  18. I SAID DO YA SPEAKA MAH LANGUAGE? HE JUST SMILED AND GAVE ME A VEGEMITE SAMMICH! (Even though Marmite is waaay better, mate!)

  19. Mad hat bruh

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