Mercy Me – I Can Only Imagine Cover With Guitar Chords Lesson


  1. Thank you for showing me how to play this amazing song

  2. Ringo Dave Rellegue

    Sir need tutorial second acoustics like that please help me

  3. Sir please give a lead guitar tab

  4. How did you play the top left corner

  5. please cover the song called in Christ alone i stand
    thanks GBU
    looking forward for that cover guitar

  6. Strum Pattern, please?

  7. Arkadiusz Malinowski

    man go on futher

  8. Strum pattern?

  9. nice voice

  10. Which notes does the top playing corner

  11. Awesome playing. I’ll have to try this. Thanks.

  12. AJ's Fine Art World

    wonderful you even give the chord positions excellent blessings to you

  13. beautiful, 3>   this is the song that im going to sing for my family, they don't know that I am learning the guitar. Dad taught me , many, many moons ago, so I hope to surprise them and  make him proud!  Thank you so very much for making it easier for us newbies! God Bless 🙂

  14. Great job, gonna do this one in church!

  15. Can you tab the fingerstlye half??

  16. Nice performance! What strumming pattern did you use?


  18. Superb. What a great voice.

  19. What kind of software r u using for movie edited ?

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