Metallica – Enter Sandman – pt 1 – How to Play Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons –

request part 2 and also get stuff not on youtube


  1. My name is Daniel Chaput no joke

  2. This is so goddamn righteous


  4. You are an amazing teacher. Keep it up

  5. The best lessons around by far

  6. Where is part 2? pls reply quickly :)

  7. Rod Venger (USAPatriot)

    I can't find a link for requests, but i'd love to learn "Hibernation'' my Ted Nugent!

  8. Unfortunately I don't have a electric I have a acoustic and it just doesn't sound right playing this.. I have pretty much mastered the intro now and it doesn't sound the same, do different courts need to be played when using a acoustic? I'm new to this so anything will help.. thanks

  9. Did you say Lar's riff? Lol

  10. good lesson

  11. My.Chemical.Killjoys.

    This is what I need, a slow, and smooth break down of a song. Thank you, this helped a lot :D

  12. Can u be more specific please like which sting maybe?

  13. my kid loves how you teach.

  14. Where are the other parts?

  15. Hello. PLEASE show how to play my world brand new sin. Thank you.

  16. 0:47 shut it please lol

  17. your head movements always fascinates me
    you are so cool!

  18. 6:056:11 can't do that part :'(

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