Metallica Master Of Puppets Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

MASTER, MASTER! End of passion play, crumbling away, I’m your source of…. guitar lessons. We’re learning the EPIC song Master of Puppets by Metallica today on electric guitar!

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  1. Thanks for the great support over the years!


  3. Aviation Connoisseur

    Marty's right hand

  4. Aye Marty❗ You're so cool

  5. please do a bosun bill from sea of thieves tutorial

  6. any tips for faster downpicks? training tips? i think i need to work out my wrists

  7. Yessss been wanting to learn this from the best. Thank you!

  8. I don't want to be a dick
    But your not playing it right

  9. You cool asf

  10. start your year the right way folks

  11. Why do you play master of puppets on a les paul 🙁 I mean yeah you actually play the song but you know 🙁 at least an explorer you know ! Nevermind

  12. Martin Torrebiarte

    Do holy wars next

  13. Brandon Lewis-Liles

    The intro is wrong. All notes and power chords should be on the low E string. Second, the end of the first riff should go from F# to F before starting over. It doesn't end with two open E's.

  14. When u close porn hub for a Marty video

  15. Played it wrong guys

  16. Lot easier thn I thought it be from when I was trying to learn from ear. Thx for all your help man got me through a lot of headaches on the ones I can't figure out on my own. That being said shit that's alot to remember for this one. Thx again for all your great work. Id be 1/2 the player I am today with out your channels.

  17. Killer Lesson MARTIN!!

  18. More Metallica

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