Metallica – Nothing Else Matters – Guitar Lesson pt 1

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters - Guitar Lesson pt 1

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  2. Can i do this soung with electric guitar? Because i have another electric guitar 🙁

  3. Thank You!!!

  4. This is a better version than the old one IMO

  5. Rachel Williford

    Hi Marty, I got my guitar as a Christmas gift. I play piano so it was a little easy for me to learn the chords, but your videos have helped me every step of the way! Every song I’ve watched so far, I memorize and repeat. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift!

  6. hey marty, part two of this video does not seem to match with the second part you played in this intro for part one (the full song)

  7. You didn't teach the part at the end and its not in the 2nd part either. I'm confused

  8. Charlie Barfield

    Ok silly question but what strings are you using in this guitar? I have light phosphor bronze strings on my acoustic and it sounds “toy-ish”. I just can’t get the tone right.

  9. check out what I said marty in killing against
    the name

  10. your a legend

  11. Is there a part 2

  12. EJLikesHisMexicans

    Rip fingers, time to learn the hell out of this

  13. matthew truscott

    Your the man. I really wish i could put enough time in to learning guitar to progress

  14. perfect lesson


    Please SOMONE give me tips

  16. You should do snuff by slipknot

  17. Great vid. Man this looks hard lol. Amazing song got to learn it.

  18. Hi How do you play A coat Of many Colors ,by Dolly Parton I cant find any lessons on it

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