Metallica "Nothing Else Matters" Solo Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Nothing Else Matters is definitively one of the best acoustic Metallica songs out there… wait, is there another Metallica acoustic song? I’ll do my research, but in the time being, learn how to shred this amazing solo of a classic metal song!

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Metallica “Nothing Else Matters” Guitar Lesson pt 1 –
Metallica “Nothing Else Matters” Guitar Lesson pt 2 –
Metallica “Nothing Else Matters” Guitar Lesson pt 3 –

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  1. Thanks for supporting MartyMusic! Also tons of FREE courses at my site

  2. Thank you Marty as always a great tutorial

  3. How do I tune it to be exactly how the songs sounds

  4. Time to drive my block insane with the new amp i just got for christmas

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is solo part is James Hetfield's solo and isn't Kirk's right?

  6. First solo ive ever learned, thanks so much. Now i just have to learn how to control my sound while playing it lol

  7. Watch Marty music and nothing else matters thanks Marty for another great tutorial!

  8. Does this work on acoustic

  9. OK but what does it have to do with Slash? I wanna know how James did it

  10. Please slow down

  11. What guitar is it?

  12. Vishnav Vijayanand


  13. Its easier than it sounds tbh

  14. I failed no nut November learning this solo

  15. I'm having trouble with the bends in the third measure, they just don't sound right. Can anyone help?

  16. Why do you hold the pinky there at the start if you dont pluck it?

  17. Ultimate Ninjago-fan

    You. Are. A legend…

  18. Chuck learns guitar

    Awesome job on the solo. I really like the long sustained notes at the end. I use a sustainer pickup when I do the solo and it works great!

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