Michael Jackson – Beat It Guitar Lesson – How to play on Guitar – Riff and Chords

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  1. I can't quit you baby Otis Rush riffs and licks PLEASE!!!!

  2. Please do Cake By The Ocean By DNCE

  3. Mitchell Boldman

    thank you this is one of my favorite Michael Jackson song and now I know how to play it thanks

  4. Michael Gallagher

    Tippy Toes…. Yes!!!

  5. Blink 182 here's your letter please

  6. highway to hell next please

  7. Shocking Blocker14

    Anyone have the tab?

  8. Can you please play Owner of a lonely heart by yes or trains by porcupine tree? BTW Happy Easter

  9. I appreciate the tutorials Marty! would love it if you can teach the solo to this song thank you (:

  10. Marty your the man! Song master.

  11. Are you wearing makeup?

  12. Dominic Munaretto

    Could you please make a video about rag doll by aerosmith.

  13. Malcolm Monroe


  14. Mehul BHARDWAJ

    Nice work you teach so well

  15. Do Battery metallica

  16. I DID IT ON ACOUSTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Thanks a ton for doing this song Marty!! Really easy to follow all ur lessons! I would love if you did a lesson on Rock n Roll Train by ACDC… I've seen all you other ACDC lessons and just love em! Rock on Marty!

  18. Do the power of love by Heuy Lewis

  19. Krisztián Nagy

    Iron Maiden The Trooper. Please

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