Michael Jackson – Beat It Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Rhythm Guitar Parts

Michael Jackson - Beat It Guitar Lesson Pt.1 - Rhythm Guitar Parts

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Thanks! Carl Brown…
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  1. I was looking for a video like this with standard tuning. My ibanez has floyd rose bridge and it's a pain to mess with the tuning.

  2. Very fun to play and we all know this song….Thanks Carl..


  4. JynxGaming Here come dat boi

    is there a site that can tell me what note my guitar should be set to for the notes? like how do I know how to lower it a half step? what notes are those?

  5. Effects, effects, effects!!!!! ???????

  6. Wasn't the solo in this song played by Eddie Van Halen ?

  7. dud this guys awesome, thx dude, I liked it

  8. Amp settings and effects please!

  9. Beat it fact!
    The original instrumental riff was writen and played by a woman ^.^ 

  10. Ok I just bought a $500 stratocaster can somebody tell me why it doesn't sound as awesome as that?? I'm a beginner don't judge XD

  11. Anyone know what pedal did he use?

  12. Gibson eat your heart out. 

  13. Omg that strat sounds sooo GOOD. Which pedal are you using btw ? :0

  14. FLIZ AÑO, excelente, gracias

  15. what effects do u use?

  16. Ahhh, the muting part is a pain in the a** I find it really hard to learn properly :)

  17. man you have long fingers like me lol thanks great lesson!

  18. Welington Machado Pereira

    very,very good,Brazil to Rio city Volta Redonda.

  19. Great job!!  Thanks!

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