Michael Jackson – Billie Jean – Guitar Lesson Tutorial – How to Play on Guitar

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  1. Clearly a fellow LOTR fan, how about a lesson on “concerning hobbits” (the shire theme) or not sure what it’s called but the hero’s melody when Aragorn and company were hunting the Uruk’hai to save Pip and Merry.

  2. Chad Mork and Mindy

    Do you know the song Don’t you cry for me by Cobi? I’m trying to learn it for my little niece. It’s her favorite song right now. Much thanks!

  3. We want the original guitar version

  4. Chad Mork and Mindy

    I’ve always wanted to learn a Michael Jackson song. And no better place to start then the most famous Billie Jean single by the King of Pop himself. I have tabs and chords I found online can’t wait to start. Awwwo.

  5. why not just tell us the notes !? 2, 4 shit is amateurish. Am I wrong ?

  6. Great lesson Sir!

  7. Chad Mork and Mindy

    Is there tabs I can download for this? I’m searching for guitar tabs for Billie Jean by MJ. Thanks!

  8. Hi. Marty are you the zebra in madagaskar

  9. Hope Matt you are still alive. I no longer see your video updates

  10. but love music eletric of michael jackson

  11. Hey Marty Swartz

  12. its a good tutorial hhmm thanks for teaching me this

  13. this is hilariously great

  14. hey ! i like your sond ! thanks ! what's the riff at 3:55 please ! good job !

  15. Destoryer Devilish dj

    im a minor im under 40 yrs old. life begins at 40

  16. Chrissie Nunnikhoven

    Good stuff Marty, always delivering!!! even without the glove.

  17. is this played in Standard E?

  18. Hey I neeed halp learning how to Improve on doing bar chords could you make a video on that

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