Michael Jackson – Billie Jean – How to Play on Guitar – Guitar Lesson

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Thought I’d mix things up and give you a little Michael Jackson today!! Thanks so much for supporting me with MartyMusic! More coming!


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  1. Get multiple hours of HD courses when you sign my newsletter at MartyMusic http://www.MartyMusic.com thanks so much!

  2. Hello, Friends. Check out this cover to Billie Jean

  3. Do a bass lesson also! You rock

  4. Amateur

  5. very nice…thank…..

  6. iven when i think that i played somthin good i relise that im suck and that makes mi want to die

  7. Matthew does nothing

    Face reveal pls

  8. Nice singin

  9. Ayuwoki hee hee

  10. This beautiful hee hee..

  11. Probably the worst guitar teacher on Youtube

  12. Hi from Russia! Michael is the best songer!!!!

  13. Elle a un beau son cette Tylor

  14. F*ck yea Marty this is going on my set list along with Ooh la la and baby one more time

  15. Sungha Jung is better

  16. I‘m always enjoying your guitar tutorials, and they are so helpful! It would be so nice, if you might do the guitar tutorial of La La Land Song. I‘m waiting for it. Thank you so much, vielen Dank lieber Martin! Cheers from German

  17. can you teach us sayonee chords

  18. can you teach us hotel calorfornia chords on acoustic guitar

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