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‘Party In The USA’ Miley Cyrus – Ultra Easy Electric Guitar Lessons – Free Online Song Tutorial


  1. xXbarritaXx Ibarra

    you look like deadpool xD

  2. hi what chord was the 8,7,6 please

  3. hi thank you very much for posting this video. are those chords you were showing are they all the chords to the entire song? please write back soon thanks alot.

  4. this guy looks like a skinny thumb

  5. Who's that Poookeimen

    666th like the irony

  6. How do i do the chuck thing ?

  7. very well done.

  8. intro sounds like scar tissue-RHCP

  9. I WOULD LOVE A SOLO VERSION!! u play so good!! :)

  10. I've got a rockier guitar cover of this song on my channel!
    If you get the time, please check it out :D

  11. Highly appreciate it if you'd tell us the chords.

  12. Awesome

  13. where's the solo version?

  14. Bobby Cooper Young

    yo where is the solo version?!

  15. Thank you so much!!

  16. thanks you sir, honny ecuador

  17. Can u please do boulevard of broken dreams by GREENDAY electric

  18. why it is so difficult to play :(

  19. Free MP3 drums…I remember when free actually meant free…

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