Mini Lesson My My Hey Hey ,Neil Young acoustic guitar lesson part 1

This is part 1 of Mini Lesson My My Hey Hey guitar lesson sample available at is the first part of a preview. The second part of this acoustic lesson is on the website. The preview is from a full multi-part guitar lesson found in our paid TARGET Program. Also on the site are complete free lessons, forum, chat room, community, competitions, and more.
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  1. Too much words, for me…bla,bla,bla, Sorry.

  2. when playing my my hey hey ,if the guitar is tuned down to d-g -c-f-a-d as neil plays it
    what harp would you play in that tuneing

  3. im too fuckin lazy to tune up my guitar… Sorry Neil Young
    BTW it really souds bad without tuning up lol

  4. θοδωρης μετζελος

    why should i register to your site when there are thousands of tutorials for each an every song free of charge—what makes you think one will pay you guys…only if you are a unique teacher –but you are not –no way !!

  5. there is hardly an explenation, I mean 1 chord and the rest you just have to figure out?

  6. Great help, thanks!

  7. Really? More like Thank you Stephen Root!

  8. Thank you Tom Selleck!

  9. great man !!

  10. you play it so great!!
    i wish u made a longer more in depth video 🙁
    oh and first comment 😀

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