Detailled GUITAR LESSON on Walking bass + chords over an A MINOR JAZZ BLUES. + TABS available!

This guitar tutorial is based on my lesson from last week “Minor Jazz Blues Chord Substitutions:

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This is the second part of my mini series on Minor Jazz Blues. In this guitar lesson we’ll focus on how to play walking bass with guitar. Of course we’ll nat replace the bass player, we’re a one-man/woman show ;-). We’ll play the walking bass and the guitar chords interchangably.

We’ll use the chords from the previous lesson for this.
Playing walking bass guitar songs isn’t that easy for most people in the beginning. But once you understand how walking bass on guitar works, it really isn’t that hard at all.
There is always a bass note on counts 1, 2, 3, and 4. On counts 1+ and 3+ we add a guitar chord in between.

It gets easier the more chords you add, because then you have to make less bass notes. That’s another reason, why I use the Minor Jazz Blues Progression of last week. That makes it a lot easier to add that walking bass on guitar.

This walking bass guitar tutorial for minor jazz blues gives you a lot of inspiration on how to create your own walking guitar bass with chords.
I’ll not only show you everything note for note, slow and easy, but also explain the theory behind it and how you can create your own walking bass line for jazz guitar songs.

I’ve made the walking bass guitar tab for this lesson, which can be downloaded from the link on top of this description box.

If you encounter any proplems during the download, please just email me to the adress provided at your Paypal receipt.

I hope you like my Minor Jazz Blues Walking Bass Guitar Lesson with chords. If so, please give me a thumbs up and spread the knowledge!


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Hugs, Sandra 🙂
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  1. So what would be the turnaround for this progression?

  2. Thanks for taking my request again! 🙂

  3. Great tips!

  4. Tricky. This will take some practice. Great extension to your last video. Is that a new Les Paul Classic? How did you learn to speak English so well? Cheers, my Dear.

  5. I say it again: Sandra is the best jazz teacher on Youtube!

  6. finally another minor jazz blues lesson, there´s a lot of major blues on YT, THX for this lesson

  7. This is a cool lesson!  Love all sorts of walk downs/ups. One of my favorite guitarists, Alex Lifeson, makes use of this technique in his playing.  Can't wait to get started.

  8. Alexander Altago

    Triple A-Mazing!!! Never saw this technique before. Great Lesson!!!

  9. You heard me! Thank you so much for this! I think walking bass is one of the coolest thing to play on guitar.

  10. Love it Sandra! I was too lazy to use my brain to take all last week's theory on board, but I like this and it might give me a bit of incentive to put a bit more effort in…☺️

  11. Thank you!!

  12. Wie cool! Das ist glaub ich dein erstes Walking Bass Video! Wollt ich schon immer lernen. Danke!!!

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