Minor Key Blues Guitar Lesson – Learn Both Rhythm and Lead – EP184

Minor Key Blues Guitar Lesson - Learn Both Rhythm and Lead - EP184

To view the Part 2 video as well as download the MP3 jam track and the tablature for this guitar lesson, visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/slow-minor-key-blues-in-a-both-rhythm-and-lead-guitar-parts-ep184

In this blues guitar lesson you’ll learn how to alternate back and forth between rhythm and lead. I’ve also included several fill licks to make your rhythm playing more interesting. You’ll also learn an Albert King style lead.


  1. I have been looking to fill in the cracks but couldn't really make it Gel , now I have a source , thank you.

  2. nice

  3. Great playing. Great tutorial. Really nice, thanks

  4. Олег Смоляк

    Спасибо ! Очень понравилось !

  5. Nice lesson. Like this style. Thnx.
    Happy Holidays.

  6. not only one bad ass player but, one of the best teachers on the internet.

  7. awesome !!!!!

  8. Stuff like this provides so much more to a player's arsenal of improvisation than just learning scales and modes. Thank you!

  9. like that safety glasses, very charismatic!

  10. Lawerence Robitaille

    Bryan good lesson,you and your family have a merry Christmas and New year

  11. very cool


    this is some bad ass shit!!! nice man!!!

  13. very nice

  14. The beginning of the video sounds like Clapton

  15. Андрей Кондратьев

    cool, cool, cool

  16. Telecaster's rule !
    Thanks Brian, great lesson

  17. Thanks this is what I was looking for lead and rhythm for practice or even playing out

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