Minor Key Blues Guitar Lesson Played Solo Guitar (No Accompaniment Required) – EP224

In this blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a minor key blues composition (in B minor) that requires no accompaniment. These are designed so you can just grab your guitar and play something. I’ll explain the background behind the notes so you can improvise in this style.

If you’d like to view the Part 2 video and learn this composition in it’s entirety (includes the tablature), visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/minor-key-blues-guitar-lesson-solo-composition-b-minor/


  1. I really like this composition. There's a lot to cover in it. It will be a challenge. Looking forward to working on this one.

  2. You definitely come up with awesome licks

  3. excellent! Thank you.

  4. Андрей Невоград

    Спасибо !

  5. Nice. Stylistically reminiscent of early Dire Straits.

  6. Excellent as usual

  7. Wow! I get a lot of confidence after your lessons. I love using the 3rds and 6ths intervals and moving between different pentatonic shapes to open up on the fretboard. Thanks!

  8. Deandre Skywalker

    Excellent videos!

  9. EmanuelePietro Buscemi

    very, very good, as for ever

  10. I love this style of playing Brian, I've learnt a few of your tutorials so far so I can't thank you enough for progressing my playing. 🙂

  11. Retep Mullenoski

    Omg that gorgeous guitar…❤️

  12. Anche Dalla Calabria Italy complimenti Ok

  13. thanks you re the best

  14. Aleksandar Lilić

    Way to go Sir.
    Simple and beautiful as always.
    Thank you for your dedication and sharing knowledge.

  15. Love your lessons man. Legend 🙂

  16. Pretty

  17. Love this. Great groove!

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