Minor Key Blues Lead Guitar Lesson – Jazzy Style Blues – EP308

In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a laid back blues style lead in a minor key with several jazz licks thrown in (including how to play in octaves).

If you’d like to view the Part 2 video, download the MP3 jam tracks, and view the tablature for this blues guitar tutorial, visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/jazzy-blues-lead-guitar-lesson-minor-key-ep308/


  1. Paddy O'Driscoll

    It's R&B

  2. Beautiful, I’ll start on this tonight. But Brian, are you really going to bring out a new guitar and not talk about it?
    Your mid week email said you were going guitar shopping so I assume this is the guitar you really didn’t need. It is a beauty.

  3. This started out sounding like The Spinners….ended with Pink Floyd…..Beautiful!

  4. j.alfred Brown

    it just hit me !!
    David Gilmore ……

  5. I'm very happy I joined as a premium member… I think your site will undoubtedly help me with learning the type of phrasing I'm looking to instill into my own playing since I'm not into the 'speed' thing… I had been watching your videos for a couple years and every time it would go to the second half I would get frustrated… Well, no more!… There's a lot of subtle bends, slides, and moves that you apply I had never given thought to and I have already grabbed a couple of those ideas from you… I have no excuse NOT to improve… This is very helpful stuff Brian, thanks…

  6. Progression sounds a little bit like Mac Demarco's Still Together.

  7. This is amazing


    So glad I’ve gone premium

  9. I subscribed a while back and have viewed a lesson or two … but this one seemed exceptional to me… I really enjoyed it..( startin to warm up to ya as a teacher). I'll watch it a few (dozen) more times and get this down… love that guitar you have there… I'll start watching more of your videos…'sides you play great …crisp and clean all the time. Good stuff … l8r kid

  10. Lovely !!

  11. John Bosquet-Morra

    Shine on you crazy…bluesman!

  12. Good to go over octaves. Lol..☺

  13. Had me with the intro, Robben Ford comes to mind. Actually Carlos Santana

  14. Please break out the Sheraton again.

  15. Cool…..nice phrasing……melodic….nice…..

  16. Fantastic, Brian.

  17. Fantastic. Love it. Excellent lesson and very much appreciated! Big thanks!

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