MINOR SWING – Melody + SOLO LESSON – Gypsy Jazz Guitar Tutorial

Gypsy Jazz LESSON on MINOR SWING. Learn a SOLO & the melody. Detailed & well explained. + TABS + Backing Tracks

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Minor Swing is the most known gypsy jazz song. It was written by Django Reinhardt and was introduced to a wide audience in the movie chocolat, with Johnny Depp playing this tune by the campfire.

I got many request from people on how to play Minor Swing on guitar. Well, your wish is my command, so here it is.
You’ll learn the head, which is the melody, as well as one chorus I made of Minor Swing solo. I’ll teach you some of the great gypsy guitar solo lines we all love so much. I’ll also teach you some background information of the scales

and arpeggioas I use to solo over Minor swing.

Of course I also made the Minor Swing tab, thus includes the guitar solo tab and the melody.
I also made a Minor Swing gypsy jazz backing track, in fast and slow tempo, wich you can download from one of the above links.

The level of this Minor Swing guitar tutorial is intermediate, the melody is really simple, but the solo is a little tougher. I tried to keep the guitar solo simple, but hey, it’s gypsy jazz, so it gets pretty fast onc ein awhile ­čÖé

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Enjoy, Sandra ­čÖé
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  1. What a magnificent lesson! Thanks so much!

  2. Sir Pickles Presents

    Loving these Gypsy Jazz lessons.

  3. Nuages by Django next :)?
    Thank you for all your hard work Sandra!!

  4. Otra gran lecci├│n. Muchas gracias Sandra!!

  5. Volltreffer.Gypsy Jazz ist in aller Munde.Das ist wohl unumstritten der Gypsy Jazz Song schlechthin.Wieder klasse umgesetzt.Vielen Dank.Wenn man sich noch was w├╝nschen darf liebe Sandra.Nuages.Den w├╝rde ich gerne spielen k├Ânnen.
    Ich denke der ist Misty ein wenig ├Ąhnlich.Den Song habe ich durch dich spielen gelernt, und spiele (├╝be) ihn beinahe t├Ąglich.Goodbye Pork Pie Hat ist auch ein sch├Âner Jazz Blues.

  6. Sandra, you teaching Django brings me pleasant memories and a bit if a tear to my eye.

    Here in Australia the leading Gypsy Jazz Maestro was Ewan Mckenzie and a very very dear friend of mine.

    You may have heard his playing. He was sort of Rosenberg in Australia, and they did play together.

    He was the founder of the Oz Manouche festival.

    2 months ago he died. I'm still feeling that.

    Ewan and I Djammed together many times and he tried to teach me but I have a brain injury aand learning post that is hard.

    I thank you for your lesson which is more at a level I nowadays can follow.

    Request: For Sephora. ­čÖé

    All the best. ­čÖé

  7. So Hot…….thank you

  8. Gipsyjazz, i love it!!!

  9. The bridge on that guitar reminds me of Salvador Dali's moustache for some reason

  10. And another great gypsy tune! I think I'm in love with gypsy :-)))

  11. Great lesson Sandra thank you!

  12. Andis Galaxysvieractive

    Ha, I remember this from the movie chocolat!

  13. I save this for my weekend. Greetings from Uruguay

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