‘Miss You’ The Rolling Stones Guitar & Bass Lesson


Hey Buddies

I’ve created this Patreon page to help with the production of my guitar tutorial videos. I’m not planning to change what I already do and I will continue to respond to requests regardless of someone being a contributor or not. I have therefore set the patron amount at the lowest level of just for those who wish to show their appreciation and to help with the purchase of strings, picks, music paper, sharpie pens, hard drives and cups of tea.

Thank you



  1. Great work Buddy!
    1 of my all time favorite songs!♡

  2. I'm a beginner with the electric guitar and I've seen a lot of videos on learning how to play for the beginners on up. My question is that, my sound doesn't like yours. Is it the amp? or is there some other piece that is being added?

  3. One of the things I love about your videos is that you also mention the names of the notes and chords. Once I get comfortable with certain parts, it becomes easier to remember the note name instead of only, 'put your hand here'. You make every lesson clear and easy to understand. Also like how you repeat certain parts. (that has been especially helpful in learning Maggot Brain and other songs that have a lot of notes in a short space.) Also like that you mention what scale to use for soloing.

    You are amazing with these lessons.

  4. Love it! The Prince & Jamiroquai versions are great too!

  5. Jason, your production skills and guitar playing skills are improving with each new video. Great lesson!

  6. It takes real musical talent to decipher a song like this by ear. Gawd bless you, Sir!

  7. Fantastikkkkkk come sempre ok ciaaaaaoooo Jason

  8. Man, I really love these videos. I can appreciate all the work you invest into pulling it off. Thanks for posting Sir.

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