Money Guitar Lesson – Pink Floyd – Famous Riffs

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It’s hard to believe that as many records as Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon has sold, only “Money” reached the billboard top 20.

This is in large part do to the hypnotic 7/4 time signature guitar riff that opens the song. Although not very difficult to play, it does have sort of an odd feel to it due to it’s uncommon time signature.

In this Money guitar lesson video I will teach you that signature riff and how to count it. It is actually very simple but extremely effective.

The technical challenges are few with just some slight palm muting to help the notes pop-out a bit and give the rhythm that funky feel.

Don’t forget about the slight 1/4 step bend at the very end of the riff. That bend is very much a part of the riff’s sound giving it sort of a bluesy edge.

Hopefully you guys won’t have much trouble with this one. It sure is an addictive riff once you get it under your fingers!

And again if this video gets 600 youtube likes I will teach the whole song!




  2. Can you do a lesson on "Sorrow" by Floyd? It has such a great intro and solo as well.

  3. Hey Carl. I LOVE your videos man. This vid may not have 1000 likes (yet), but if you do the solo lesson you'll probably get a hell of a lot!

  4. Do the whole song please!

  5. you should really do the solo to this one

  6. Jonathan Jeffers

    Hey carl! Could you please teach the solo to this song? It's one of my favorite solos ever.

  7. any chance of a tutorial for "Have a Cigar?"

  8. thx for the lesson, very helpful. do you use locking tuners on your strat?

  9. the solo?

  10. Vincent Gibowic

    More Floyd, my favourite band ever!

  11. It would be really awesome if you did To live is to Die by Metallica, especially the intro 

  12. Great Carl, Could you please do the solo ?

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