MOON RIVER – Chord Melody LESSON – Jazz guitar tutorial + TABS

MOON RIVER - Chord Melody LESSON - Jazz guitar tutorial + TABS

Jazz guitar LESSON on MOON RIVER in chord melody style. Note for note explanation. Chords & melody simultaniously. Easy!

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Moon River was written by Henry Mancini. It’s most known from Audrey Hepburns performance in the movie “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”.

I made my jazz guitar chord melody arrangement as easy as possible without making it sound bland. I use beautiful jazz guitar chords along with the melody, which is played simultaniously to the chords.

This version of Moon River guitar instrumental can be played alone, so you don’t need other instruments (that’s more money for you for the gig, lol).

I’ve also made the Moon River TABS and a Moonriver Backing Track. The Backing track is taylored to this very jazz guitar turorial of Moon River.

You’ll learn the Jazz guitar chords for this beautiful tune.

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Enjoy, Sandra 🙂


  1. Wow ! You were really easy to understand ! Thanks for taking the time to share your talent !

  2. Thank you soooooo soooooo much for this!! I’m trying to pick up jazz so this is a good start. I know I’m supposed to learn theory first but I just can’t wait to start playing something.

  3. Love the lesson. Can you do 'I fall in love too easily by Chet Baker'? That would be awesome!

  4. Antonino de Pádua Nascimento Felipe

    Olá Sandra! Suas aulas nos dá a chance de tocar harmonicamente o jazz. Obrigado!

  5. Sandra, thank you so much for the lessons, you are great! I’m an old R&R player but have always loved jazz. I’m going to incorporate 3 or 4 of your arrangements into my duo, I think our fans will love them. I’d love to see lessons on The Days Of Wine & Roses and Alfie chord melody of course.
    if you would please? Thank you, Mike NY

  6. Hi Sandra – Forgot to mention, if you ever get to Los Angeles, CA, let me know. Do you perform with a band?

    P.S. where in Austria are you located?

  7. Hi Sandra from Southern California – I came across your excellent guitar videos by accident. Love them as well as your teaching and playing skills. My wife and I might visit Austria next year and would love to meet you and take you and your significant other to dinner…


  8. Thank you, Sandra!! For another great guitar tune!! It's give me a lot of guitar playing pleasure!! Cheers,Ron!!!

  9. Simply the best guitar tutor on the web

  10. Request…Girl From Ipanema…Jazz Style or Bossa Nova…Mahalo & Aloha…

  11. Mahalo (Thank U)…always wanted 2 know how 2 play jazz chords…

  12. the lead, in" Sunshine of Your Love" always reminds me of this tune

  13. Excellent instruction!

  14. The best feeling is waking up and getting a notification on my phone that you have uploaded another tutorial 😀

  15. Excellent choice! I'm grabbing my guitar now, to start learning this. ☺ thanks

  16. I've been waiting for this song. Thankyou Sandra!

  17. Just Great !..Well explained, beautiful chords!

  18. Wonderful tutorial,wonderful song.You make it so easy to learn.I'm halfway through in one hour.Best regards from Denmark.

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