Moonlight In Vermont: easy CHORD MELODY JAZZ GUITAR LESSON incl.TABs!

Learn to play the beautiful jazz guitar ballad “Moonlight In Vermont” on guitar! Easy chord melody guitar arrangment. Detailed and easy to follow.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Lehmann Audio for lending me their great Studio Cube Headphone Amp. Such a relaxed listening experience!

Easy chord melody arrangement lesson for jazz guitar:
Chord melody is a style, that allows you to play the melody and the chords simultaniously or alternating.

Moonlight In Vermont for chord melody guitar:
Moonlight In Vermont is a beautiful jazz guitar ballad. It`s not too hard to play. I made it as easy as possible, without making it sound bland.

Please let me know, which jazz standard you would like to learn next on guitar! I will upload more easy jazz guitar standards, like this one.

Chord melody guitar lesson:
Chord melody guitar is not always that easy, but i try to make really easy arrangements for jazz guitar, so you succeed.
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Enjoy, Sandra 🙂
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  1. Guitarversum Sandra Sherman

    Hi y'all. I take song requests. What song do you want me to teach you?


    Best lessons in jazz that is actually usable and motivating. Excellent work!!!!

  3. Thanks for your reply about continuing with the Great American Songbook, but to make a suggestion that many will surely enjoy, how about "Someone to Watch Over Me". Thanks for all your informative lessons, illustrations, and tips for playing jazz

  4. Everyone has great suggestions, and I second them all. I'll just add that if you continue with any of the Great American Songbook, I may not ever leave your channel. A happy camper. Many thanks

  5. Thank you for this, you rule!!! Could you do maybe "All of You" or "You Make Me Feel So Young"?

  6. Hi Sandra, awesome lessons, any chance of teaching La VAE EN Rose ? The Edith Piaf classic

  7. Beautiful. And you make it look so easy!

  8. Andis Galaxysvieractive

    Awesome video. I hope you do some more pop, rock videos like that too. But it`s also cool to play some jazz as a non jazzer. I can brag a little 😉

  9. I`m not a Jazzer. Will try that though. Doesn`t look too difficult and sounds nice.

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